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Adding Sleeves #1


Sometimes I have fashion problems. This is because it is hard to find cute things that are modest. And when I say modest, I mean it needs to be long enough that it doesn’t show my belly or it hits my knee, it needs to have sleeves, and it needs to cover most of my chest. These requirements can be hard at times, but I always try my best. However, I have taken to altering my clothes in order to make them modest. This mostly happens by adding sleeves. Adding sleeves is a lot harder then it seems, but it is worth it because I am able to get my clothes to be cute and modest this way. Therefore, I will be writing about how to add sleeves to different types of clothes as I discover it.

My first type of sleeves are the most simple. I found a red lace dress that had a high neck line at goodwill, but it didn’t have sleeves and it was too short. However, it was really cute so I decided to transform it into a shirt. This is fairly simple.

First, I grabbed an old sleeve pattern from past projects. I didn’t have to be the same size as the dress because I had to take in the sides of the dress to fit me better. So I used that pattern to figure out how much fabric I could take off the bottom. Once I did, I cut it off and set it aside.

Next, I put the dress on inside out and figure out how much to take in.

Then, I sewed my new side seems and cut off the extra material. (If you have a serger, use it on the side seams. If you don’t, finish the edges in someway. I did a zigzag stitch)


Then, I place the sleeve pattern on the material I had cut off the bottom. My sleeve pattern curves, but I wanted to use the finish hem that was already there. Therefore, I place the edges of the pattern on the finished edge. This altered the look of the pattern, but it’s fine. Then I cut out the pattern. My material had two fabrics, the lace and the knitted, so I then had to sew them together before sewing in the sleeve. (But not along the hem)

Next, I sewed the side seams of the sleeve at 5/8 in. And then, I placed the sleeve right sides together into the arm hole. Most of the time, you have to do ease stitching and ease it into the arm hole, but not this time. Then I sew the sleeve on from inside the arm hole at 5/8 in. Then I finished the edges and checked the fit of the sleeve.

Finally, I had to re-hem the bottom of the shirt. Once that was done, I was ready to go.

Now I have a beautiful shirt that fits me perfectly and doesn’t look like the sleeves were originally there. (Only have a pic of the finished project. Sorry)


You can do this without cutting the fabric of the dress, you would need to find a fabric that matches the fabric of your dress very closely. This can be hard and it won’t be exact. However, it may be worth it. I hoped this helped others. Does anyone have suggestions for other types of sleeves, like for halter tops or sleeveless. Please tell me! My next sewing project is probably going to be my t-shirt quilt, so stay tune!!

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The Agency Book 4 Review

Three posts in one day!! It’s a miracle!

Really I am just trying to catch up since I have been lazy about posting lately. I really need to get better at it.

So this is the long awaited book review! Yay!!

The book I read is from the Agency Series by Y. S. Lee. The one that I read is number four, “Rivals in the City.” I had to wait forever before this book came out and then I didn’t have the time to read it, so I very happy I finally got to see what happened.

Since this is the fourth book, I won’t give too many details. However, it mostly involves what happened in the first book. It basically gives a conclusion to everything because it hadn’t been completely settled. However, I love the series so I will give a brief description. The series revolves around a girl named Mary in England around the 1850s. Her mother died when Mary was young and her father disappeared, so she was left to starve and had to make her own way by stealing. However, she gets caught and almost killed till she is saved by two women who take her into their academy where they raised her into a lady. However, she is then recruited to join the Agency, an organization of women who work as spies for the government. This series is about her adventures and missions and about her finding out who she is as a misfit.

It is really fun. It has action and romance which is always my favorite things to read most of the time. I hope you guys read the series too!

Let me know if you have any suggestions. I probably won’t get to it for a while though. I have a lot of books to read on goodreads.

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The Job Search

Right now, I’m unemployed. I have just graduated from Brigham Young University, and I moved back home with my parents, so I could have time to focus on job searching. However, I’m still looking.

The problem with search for a job is that it takes a lot of work. You have to customize a cover letter for every application you make, so that the company will think that you are serious. And you need to have a different resume for different things, so that you can emphasize the right things to the company that you have experience with. And then you have to wait for the company to contact you back. Well, I have a lot of companies that haven’t contacted me back yet which is frustrating. But I’ll stop my little rant right there.

Although, job searching is a pain. It can be rewarding in a way. I get to come out of my little shell and look at the world around me. When I mention that I’m looking for a job to people that I have just met or people that my parents are introducing me too. They are willing to help me out. They give me advice and some places to look and promise that if they hear anything, they will be sure to tell me. For example, my little sister tells one of her friend’s dad that I’m looking for a job, and he has been helping me out with applying to Farmer’s Insurance. He looked over my resume and gave me advice on how to improve it. I still haven’t heard anything from them, but he has promise to email someone to see what is going on, like if it is yes or not. I like have an inside man and it has been very beneficial for me. It has gotten me further in the application process then any of my other applications.

Therefore, I have realized that networking is important. But in order to network, I need to put myself out there. That’s one of the purposes of this blog, to put myself out there. If I want to have a full-time job, I need to be proactive in my search and not just hang back. I need to meet people, get their opinions, and see if they can help me out. Hopefully, I will get a job soon. Or maybe I will get a part-time job, as I continue my search. But I know that once I have that job, this job search experience will have helped me to do better in my job then I would have ever before.

So if anyone knows any editing jobs they could tell me about, that would be great. And next time, I think I will do anything book post. I have some books I need to finish, so I will give you guys a sneak peek on them and my opinion. Thanks for reading! See ya next time!