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Harry Potter’s Birthday Plans

It is a wonderful day! Today marks the start of Harry Potter’s journey into the world of magic and marks the start of a world-wide phenomenal. Many of us have grown up with Harry Potter, and although, the story has ended. It hasn’t left our hearts. We still celebrate the day the story began and still love to read the stories over and over again.

I have been making sure to do my part in this celebration as well. All weekend I have been watching the movies on TV. And today, I have been reading the books. I love rereading these books because it reminds me of my childhood and how my love for Harry Potter began.

It was the summer before my 4th grade year. The second Harry Potter movie had just came out, and my brother, Kevin, had just finished reading the Prisoner of Azkaban. Since he had just finished, I decided to read it as well. I don’t suggest reading out of order, but I didn’t know better then. Although, I was confused because I had missed several different details. There was something special about that book that made me continue to read. It only took me less then a day and I fell in love. I continued to read the books and by the time school started, I had finished all of them that were out. That year I also won the AR reading competition with 815.5 points. It was mostly because I had read Harry Potter during the summer and the test were like 50 points each. No one was ever close to catching up to me. For me, this also began my deep love for reading. I had love reading before but not as much as I did after reading Harry Potter. That’s why I will always love it.

Unfortunately, I never got my letter, but that’s okay because I can still experience Hogwarts though my books and Pottermore. So what about you guys? When did you first read Harry Potter and how did it impact you?

Also some other Potter related stuff about me. I am a Hufflepuff and my patronus is a blood hound. What is your house and patronus?

I hope you guys have a great Harry Potter’s B-day.


Look at what I wore today!!!


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Books, Books, Books

I want to live my life surrounded by books, so I’m always looking for new suggestions. That’s why I have over 500 books “to read” on my Goodreads list. However, I also love suggesting books to others. That’s why I decided that my first blog post will be “Book Suggestions”. These books will be ones that I have read and enjoyed a lot. I will also give a sneak peek on what each book is about as well. That way, the readers of this blog will find out if they would enjoy these kind of books or not.

Let’s go ahead and start!

1. Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson


Tiger Lily is a book based off of Peter Pan; however, it is the young girl that Peter Pan saved from Captain Hook named Tiger Lily who is the main character. This story begins before Wendy traveled to Neverland. It is the story of how Tiger Lily lived before she met Peter Pan, how she lived with Peter Pan, and what happened once Wendy came into the picture. It is not the same as the Disney cartoon movie, but it is still wonderful to read and gives the readers a new take on the story of Peter Pan.

2. Ella the Slayer by A. W. Exley


You know how Pride and Prejudice got turned into a zombie movie/book. Well, so did Cinderella. However, it was done very tastefully. Ella is basically the same as Cinderella. She is under the control of her evil step-mother and two step-sisters and wishes to be free one day from their control. However, her father is still alive, just recovering from battle. And her prince is the Duke that lives next door. But the biggest twist is that Ella is the village slayer, so she is the one that takes care of the zombies or “vermin” as they are called in the book. This is a story of love and secrets, and the biggest mystery is how the vermin came to be and what do they want. This book is only the first one of an enchanting series, so make sure to read them all as they came.

3. The Princess Curse by Merrie Haskell


The Princess Curse is based off of the Twelve Dancing Princesses; however, there is a twist. The princesses aren’t saved by a handsome princes. In fact, their hero isn’t a man at all. It is the apprentice herbalist, Reveka, that comes to save the day. However, it is hard work trying to save the princesses and keep up with her work at the same time. Good thing Reveka will do anything to get that reward. This is a story about a young girl trying to become something and find her way in the word. The only way she can do it is achieve something no one thought possible.

4. Hiroshima by John Hersey


This book is about what happen after the atomic bomb fall on Hiroshima. It talks about the stories of several different people, and what they did to survive. It is a story about loss and courage. It is also something that others should read, so that they can understand the devastation of an atomic bomb. That way it won’t happen again. It is also a tribute to the lost and the ones still fighting today.

5. Ready Player One by Ernest Cline


This is a book about a world controlled by gaming. Every person on earth basically lives in the game called “Oasis” became it provides a world better then the one that they live in. The main character of this tale is Wade. He is the lowest of the low. No real family to call his own and poor as a rat. His only happiness comes from obsessing over the puzzles that the creator of Oasis left in the hope that one day, he can find the clue. That hope came true, but now he is in danger and the only way he can survive is by winning the game.

These five books should keep you guys busy, right? These books are great, and I hope you enjoy them as I did. I hope that you guys will give me some books suggestions as well. However, some restrictions — no sex scenes and bad language. I can take a little bit of cursing, but I don’t want to read the f-word on every page. I will post more book suggestions on another post, but I think I will do baking tips for the next one. So stay tune!