About Me

My name is Jerrica. I am a graduate from Brigham Young University. I have a BA in English with an editing minor. The main reason why I decided to get an English degree is because I love books. I always have since I was a kid. Growing up, you would see me walking down the hallway with a book in my hand reading or see that I had a book in my bag just in case I had a few minutes to spare. That’s why I decided that my career should be something involving books. So I decided to aim for becoming a book editor. I haven’t achieved my goal yet. However, I will keep on trying and continue to gain experience in other ways. That’s why I am currently on the job hunt.

But if I don’t become an editor, then I hope that the job I get will be where I help others. Another reason I wanted to be an editor is because I wanted to help authors publish their works for the world to see. I wanted to help them show off the worlds inside their minds. I don’t want the spotlight, but it would be great to help someone get there someday.

And although, I have a BA in English. My writing skills need work. Therefore, I decided to start a blog to help me. I have only written academic essays, so it will be nice to write something fun for a change. Give me advice on how to improve my writing as I go. I know that I need all of the help I can get. And I hope that my post will help show you who I am.