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T-Shirt Quilt Part 1

Hey I know that I promised another book review, but I started working on a t-shirt quilt this weekend, so I thought that it would be good to write about my progress.

Everyone owns t-shirts. It is inevitable. We get these t-shirts from school activities, from clubs, from church activities, or from places we have visited. The point is that the number of t-shirts you have accumulate over the years, and there comes a time when you stop wearing certain t-shirts. However, do you just give away those t-shirts? For me, I just can’t do that. Those t-shirts hold too many memories for me, so it’s hard to let go. That’s why I have decided to make a t-shirt quilt. It is the perfect way for me to keep my t-shirts, but they still have a purpose for them. It is something I can always use, whether it be for warmth or for telling stories to my future children.

If you decided to make a t-shirt quilt, I hope this helps you understand how to do it. I am a beginner, so hopefully I will be helpful. Wish me luck!

1. Gathering the T-shirts

The first step is to find all of the t-shirts that you want to use for your quilt. This may be obvious, but you want to make sure that you do each step for every t-shirt at the same time. It will make your life easier. Once you have gathered the t-shirts, make sure that they are all clean. You want at least 30 t-shirts. I have probably around 50 t-shirts, so my quilt will be very big.


2. Cutting

This step will take a while, so make sure you have enough time to do it all.

For this step, you want to separate the front and back of the shirts. The easiest way to do this is to first cut off the sleeves. Next, you will cut the shoulders seams and underarms seams. Then you will cut down the sides. Make sure to not cut the design and leave plenty of room for seam allowance around the shirt design. If there is no design on the back of the shirt, just throw it away. Do this with every t-shirt.

IMG_0587 IMG_0588

Next, you will want to square out the t-shirts. To do this, you will need a cutting mat, a wide ruler, and a rotary cutter. Place the t-shirt on the mat and put the ruler on top of the shirt towards the top, bottom, or sides. You are basically creating a rectangle. Make sure that the ruler is straight and cut. (When you cut the bottom, leave lots of room in case you need it.)

IMG_0584 IMG_0585 IMG_0586

To make sure that your cut is true, fold the shirt in half and see if the edges match. If they do not, cut the t-shirts again while it is folded in half. Remember to leave space for seam allowance.


Well that’s all for now. I will continue to work on my quilt and keep you guys updated. If anyone has any suggestions or tips for me. Comment please. Thanks and see ya next time!


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