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The Job Search

Right now, I’m unemployed. I have just graduated from Brigham Young University, and I moved back home with my parents, so I could have time to focus on job searching. However, I’m still looking.

The problem with search for a job is that it takes a lot of work. You have to customize a cover letter for every application you make, so that the company will think that you are serious. And you need to have a different resume for different things, so that you can emphasize the right things to the company that you have experience with. And then you have to wait for the company to contact you back. Well, I have a lot of companies that haven’t contacted me back yet which is frustrating. But I’ll stop my little rant right there.

Although, job searching is a pain. It can be rewarding in a way. I get to come out of my little shell and look at the world around me. When I mention that I’m looking for a job to people that I have just met or people that my parents are introducing me too. They are willing to help me out. They give me advice and some places to look and promise that if they hear anything, they will be sure to tell me. For example, my little sister tells one of her friend’s dad that I’m looking for a job, and he has been helping me out with applying to Farmer’s Insurance. He looked over my resume and gave me advice on how to improve it. I still haven’t heard anything from them, but he has promise to email someone to see what is going on, like if it is yes or not. I like have an inside man and it has been very beneficial for me. It has gotten me further in the application process then any of my other applications.

Therefore, I have realized that networking is important. But in order to network, I need to put myself out there. That’s one of the purposes of this blog, to put myself out there. If I want to have a full-time job, I need to be proactive in my search and not just hang back. I need to meet people, get their opinions, and see if they can help me out. Hopefully, I will get a job soon. Or maybe I will get a part-time job, as I continue my search. But I know that once I have that job, this job search experience will have helped me to do better in my job then I would have ever before.

So if anyone knows any editing jobs they could tell me about, that would be great. And next time, I think I will do anything book post. I have some books I need to finish, so I will give you guys a sneak peek on them and my opinion. Thanks for reading! See ya next time!


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